Bílý Potok / Alois Nebel - A Story from the Borderlands

In this Czech graphic novel best-seller, a small town on the former Czech-German border shudders as the epic sweep of twentieth-century European history hurtles through its tiny station.

At Bílý Potok in the Silesian mountains there stands a small railway station, where trains snake back and forth and where the platforms are sometimes obscured by a fog which conceals all sorts of strange happenings. Nearby there stands a psychiatric institute, where people snake back and forth along the corridors. For these people, even the smallest station is too big, though that doesn’t mean they can’t make out its shape in the fog. In Bílý Potok there also lives a train dispatcher by the name of Alois Nebel. These are stories from a century we like to think is far behind us.

English edition translated by Anna Lordan

Anglické vydání 1. dílu komiksové triloge Alois Nebel - Bílý Potok.
1. vydání 2005, 100 stran, šitá vazba

299 Kč , ISBN: 80-85935-57-0

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